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Fortified Secure Document Storage

July 3, 2023 by admin2023
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Secure and secure document storage is a must for any business. Data breaches can have more than just an adverse impact on the business. They can also have a devastating effect on the brand’s reputation as well as its financial health and legal liability. These costs include restarting operations, addressing the security flaws that led to the breach, and penalties from regulatory bodies.

According to the Washington Post highly classified documents and data aren’t supposed to leave an SCIF. They are kept in wood and gypsum boards that are covered with materials that stop electronic eavesdropping. Acoustic sealant is also used to block sound from entering and exiting. To prevent forced entry, special combination locks and mesh are used. A guard must also be present to open the doors.

P3iD Technologies and Kodak Alaris have partnered to provide businesses connected scanning, storage and document management. The P3iD DoxaScan Intelligent Data Solution is integrated with Kodak Alaris cloud-based INfuse Smart Connected Scanner Solution, which enables companies to manage their crucial data on a single platform.

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