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Armitage III – Movie Collection Classic

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One of the first productions to enlist famous American actors such as Kiefer Sutherland (24), award-winning Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad), and Juliette Lewis (Natural Born Killers), and created by a team of anime masterminds – including writers Akinori Endo (Battle Angel) and Chiaki Konaka (Serial Experiments: Lain, Hellsing) – Armitage III: The Complete Saga is a must-have for anime and sci-fi devotees. Armitage is a brash cybernetic cop who sports a racy wardrobe and an attitude to match. Patrolling an unruly metropolis on Mars, she’s got a grudge against a society where androids are at the mercy of unsympathetic humans. In the original OVAs – also coalesced as the feature film Poly Matrix – Armitage risks everything to hunt down a vicious android killer and solve the secret to her existence. The sequel, Dual Matrix, finds Armitage in an over-charged battle to save her loved ones from an obsessive doctor and his deadly Armitage replicas.

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