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Hey Ram (Hindi Film / Bollywood Movie / Indian Cinema DVD)

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Saketh Ram comes from a wealthy and educated South Indian family, and is curently touring Karachi, British India, in the company of his businessmen friends, Lalwani, and Amjad Ali Khan. Saketh goes to Calcutta to meet his beloved wife, Aparna. But religious riots break out, and soon there are Sikh and Hindu gangs killing Muslims on sight, while there are Muslim gangs who kill non-muslims on sight, as well as rape and molest their women. Unfortunately, Aparna happens to be one of those women.

Saketh is enraged, first at the muslims, then at Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, for advocating peace with the muslims, and soon he becomes involved with a revolutionary group of right-wing Hindu from Maharashtra who want to assasinate Gandhi. The British leave a bitter and divided India, and Saketh comes home, where his family get him married to Mythili Iyengar.

Subsequently, both of them leave, and re-locate to Maharashtra, where they meet with Maharaja, and are soon involved in plotting to assasinate Gandhi. Saketh Ram and Shriram Abhyankar are entrusted with this task, however, Shriram has an accident, is paralyzed, and subsequently dies, leaving Saketh to complete the task of assasinating Mohandas, who will later be known as Mahatma Gandhi.


This was an excellent film on several levels including artistry, story line, and acting and direction. For whatever reason one would want to view films, this is one to view and digest. This is a fine piece of movie making and deserves all the accolades it got. If you have not yet seen this film then you are in for a rare treat. –www.platform47.com

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