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The Reiki Touch AUDIO

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Who doesnt know someone who has experienced Reiki? In the past decades, this energetic healing art from Japan has exploded in popularity. Now, Reiki master William Lee Rand has created the first comprehensive, interactive ‘tool kit’ for the hundreds of thousands of Reiki students to use in their personal or professional practice. Listeners at all levels – from recently attuned beginners to experienced practitioners – will discover an indispensable source of teaching on audio, video, and the printed page in The Reiki Touch. This one-of-a-kind kit includes: Detailed training on DVD, featuring step-by-step instruction on Reiki energy techniques; 20 reference cards for the key hand positions used in Reiki healing; Guided meditations on CD for spiritual protection, quickening your healing process, and spiritual techniques for problem solving; Music CD especially designed to accompany Reiki practice; 100-page workbook, complete with illustrations and diagrams, covering such topics as sending Reiki healing over distances, using Reiki to see auras and explore past lives, energizing your creativity, and much more. Through independent publishing alone, William Lee Rand has sold over 120,000 handbooks for Reiki students. Now with The Reiki Touch, he brings to anyone interested in this popular healing art the definitive all-purpose guide for every aspect of Reiki practice. 2 CDs, 1 DVD, spiral bound 100+ page workbook, 30 cards.

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